Excel Modular Scaffold material has several aspects that make the system safer, more user-friendly and faster to erect.

Deltak is the trusted choice for all Excel’s scaffold fabrication needs. Excel requires a manufacturer capable of consistently surpassing their high-quality and quantity demands with a comprehensive scaffold component lineup.

Deltak rises to the challenge by adhering to strict specifications to custom fabricate every scaffold component needed for each unique project, including specialized pieces required for specific applications. This dedication to precision ensures that every scaffold component leaving our facility meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Additionally, Deltak stands out for its dedication to producing the Excel system in accordance with ISO 9001 specifications. This system is renowned for being the safest and quickest scaffold solution on the market. Its tool-free assembly, user-friendly design, positive-locking triggers enhance safety, and streamline assembly reduce potential hazards on the jobsite.

Furthermore, Deltak’s capabilities extend beyond the ordinary, offering the most extensive array of scaffold accessories available. Therefore, we understand that every project may have unique needs, and that’s where our custom manufacturing prowess comes into play. If you require specialized components tailored to your specific project, Deltak is more than willing to collaborate and craft custom solutions to meet your exact requirements.

By choosing Deltak as your scaffold fabrication partner, you’re selecting a company dedicated to excellence, safety and innovation. We take pride in delivering high-quality scaffold components and innovative solutions that distinguish Excel Modular Scaffold and its customers in the industry. Trust Deltak for capable scaffold solutions and project success through precision and customer satisfaction.

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